Saturday, August 22, 2009

my blog is angry with me. i'm too tired. i'll fix it tomorrow.

I'm in Mourning.

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have
passed at home in the bosom of my family.
-Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is EXACTLY what i want, and EXACTLY what i need when I choose to get married. My dad told me to marry a man who keeps his promises to the Lord. She just explained it so well. I want to remember this forever.

blue mountain, you're azure deep.

so... i can't stop thinking about how much I love this place i call home.
and i kinda wish i could write like Molly so i could really express this. but i'm gonna give it a go.
i love the road between Monticello and Blanding. the fact that i know every turn, every spot that has lots of deer, every cool little nook in the canyons, everything.
i love that two of my dearest friends live within a 100 yards of me.
i love laying on Molly's bed making bracelets and discussing life. and the fact that her family loves me a lot. oh and... i'm gonna go off on a tangent here. i love her family too. Jake's country music obsession, which i just learned about, is amazing. absolutely fantastic. Matt's amazing spirit in my substitute primary class, and the fact that him and Loren were the only ones that weren't testing my patience. Brother Freestone's amazing gospel doctrine lessons that sometimes get a little out of hand with the George Wyther's..... then there is Sister Freestone. My mother and her love each other, and she is so quick to tell me how much she loves me. i love it. anyone who tells me how much they love me all the time is high on my list of favorite people ever. They are a good family. And.. ok. i LOVE molly. look at my facebook profile. we're married. that's a big love. i'm gonna save this mushy gushy stuff for another post though.
moving on.
i love the way my house feels. Clean and good smelling and anxiety-free.
i love hearing my dad's strong singing voice singing silly nonsense songs all day.
i love driving the Loyds Lake road with the windows down and the music blaring.
i love the traditions that we all share. like the fair and the 4th and 24th.
i love that we all genuinely care and know all about each other.
i love walking around barefoot all day long.
i love just showing up at my friends homes unannounced and having it be perfectly normal. well... maybe not perfectly.. but pretty normal?
i love the dry air.
i love the clean water.
i love skinny d in the lake.
i love dancing in the rain at monticello lake.
i love woody's ice cream.
i love shopping at BMF.
i love gift shopping with my mom at the pharmacy.
i love buckaroo sports.

i love it all.
whoever marries me is going to have to agree.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i was thinking....
about george clooney and his new girlfriend.
how many girlfriends has he had?
ten gazillion?
and wanna know what i found sad?
this girl thinks she is different. that she won't get hurt and that he won't move on.
and i realized,
girls love to think that they will be the ONE girl that will change a man.
and guess what?
they NEVER change.
if they were a player before they got with you,
they'll play you.

this really has nothing to do with me.
i was just reading people magazine at work.
i love the promise of better things.
we all have hard things in our life, but there is always the promise of better things.
better boys, better days, better feelings.

Monday, August 3, 2009

i have another thing to say.
so.... i was reading le love. and then i followed some comment to this girls blog where she talks about her fantastic boyfriend and how in love they are and how they've been in love for years.
i found myself not buying one word of it. i felt bad for the poor girl cause i thought she sounded naive and stupid to believe he actually loved her.
this is becoming a pattern, me feeling this way about girls who think they're in love.

do you think i've been hardened at all?

isn't it interesting.

how you feel so American in Washington, D.C.?
how i decide to boycott my phone so i'll forget?
how sometimes it's so fun to be emo?
how everytime someone takes something they didn't deserve, you're less willing to give the next time?
how babies make everything so much better?
how blessed we are to have an understanding of God's plan?
how my brother got married?!?!?!?!
how sometimes we get blinded to what really matters?
how Taylor Swift never gets old?
how the meaning of a song will change with the particular emotion you're feeling?
how we try so hard to make something right, even though we know it's wrong?
how everything seems so much prettier when there is a camera in your hands?
how every teeny little detail has already been worked out by God?
how marci and i always have similar problems? (i'm serious. we always get sick at the same time)
how dallin is so sweet? and he's fifteen!!!
how skinny d is the best thing ever even though it's kinda half miserable?
how 38 people in one house makes for a top ten experience?
how everything that comes out the mouths of two certain babies is hilarious?
how i still call a six year a baby?
how three memory cards was still not enough for all of my pictures of d.c.///mostly babies?

that's all folks.
folks being marci and molly.
guys... i'm really not emo.
but i kinda wanna half be?
cause ya'll are half being emo?

ok done.