Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My grateful list.

1. The gospel- I remember one day in high school when i realized that my life was so much more stable because of my membership in the church. I have non-member friends who always feel like their lives are falling apart because they have nothing that gives their life real meaning. I don't have to deal with that because of my knowledge of this gospel.
2. My Family- I feel like a lot of my security in life comes from knowing that if nothing else is going the way i want it to, there are still twenty people who really care about me.
3. BYU- Even though it sometimes makes me feel like an idiot, i'm grateful for a school that challenges me and is constantly making me develop useful life skills. Like... responsibility.
4.Taylor Swift- I think Dallin said it best when he said, "she's your best friend and you don't even know her!"
5. Running- There is nothing better than the high that comes after finishing a big run. It also always puts my life back into perspective and my world is no longer falling apart.
6. Grapes, apples, bananas, oranges- If it didn't royally mess with my systems, i would eat only these foods. They're that good.
7.Good brothers and dad- i know this goes with family, but i've noticed that lots of girls don't know that there are boys in existence that aren't scumbags. Because i have an amazing dad and awesome brothers, i don't ever deal with that problem. If you don't treat me how you should, you can stay out of my life :)
8.Em and Mama- Also part of family, but i'm grateful for the example they've set in building a fun and good home. I love their excitement about crafts, food, and kids. It rubs off.
9.Fun roommates and friends-There is always something fun or exciting going on in our lives, and they definitely keep me entertained with their shinannigans. And I realized yesterday that i dodged a lot of trouble in high school because i had a best friend who was constructive instead of destructive. I love you, Marci Dawn :)
10. My brain- even though i don't always use it effectively, i'm grateful for a mind that i know will be able to comprehend and understand new material if i'll just put forth a little effort.
11. Grandma Nielson and Grandpa Anderson- Spending the past ten days with these awesome people just convinced me more of their awesomeness. They've definitely created an environment of consistency in the gospel that has blessed our lives. And they're funny. When i asked grandma what she liked most about grandpa when she married him, she answered, "well... norman was fun. really REALLY fun. We used to pick up mexican workers and drive home singing songs in spanish. Well, i would sing in spanish. your grandpa would sing in mexican."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What makes the Redman red?

(picture from Halloween bike-riding festivities, not the race)
So, I was Peter Pan for Halloween. But I mostly only dressed up to run the half-marathon.
It was pretty cold at the beginning of the race, but by the end I was warm.
My time was 1:49, that's about 8:22 miles.
Who wants to do the Moab Half in the spring?